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November 28, 2018React Native

The most popular way to gain viewership for an online business is to have an mobile app designed for the product or service. The reason for the soaring popularity of Mobile Apps and the reason why they are the most powerful tool in the virtual world is because they help businesses to not only advertise ones product but also to increase ones customer base. Creating an App in today’s very competitive virtual market needs thought and expertise. Businesses need apps that are eye catching in its design as well as designed aesthetically with a good user interface. Developing native mobile apps is time consuming and you also need to focus on all the platforms. So businesses are now moving towards React Native Development over building native mobile apps.

Finally, it is the user’s experience that determines the popularity of the app therefore it is crucial for any online business to ensure that the app is easy to navigate through. Some of the points that a mobile app developer must keep in mind in order to bring out the best of the clients business while planning an mobile app design are:

  • Interesting User Interface
  • Eye Catching Colours and Logos
  • Typography
  • Test regularly with actual users at the development stage
  • Practical Functionality

Let us also now look at why Native App development is preferred by mobile app developers while designing and building mobile apps for their clients. With new apps being uploaded everyday it is more important than ever to stand out and the user is even more discerning than ever. Virtually spoilt for choice, an app user today has a shorter memory and is always ready to move on to a better experience. An App developer often faces a dilemma on his client’s behalf, to choose to create an app with a superior UI or one that can work across devices and platforms.

Now, React Native development is one such option for cross platform mobile development that allows mobile app developers to create better performing apps with faster deployment time and shorter development cycles. React Native development is also a large group that consists of thousands of react native developers. Developers are preferring to use React Native development for app development as apps can not only be built faster but can be reloaded instantly without recompiling means when developer enables “Live Reloading” option at that time mobile application will be compiled automatically so it won’t require to run application every time and we can get reflection on UI instantly.

This provides quick development environment to a mobile app developer. Optimisation of specific aspects of the mobile application is also easier as React Native development allows the developer to work with both React Native and Native code at the same time.

React JS

  • React, popularly known as ReactJS is primarily a library in JavaScript that is used to create websites.

  • When ReactJS was introduced the React developers were writing syntax similar to HTML within JavaScript. React then takes these bits of HTML and converts them into components. This way all the parts of code that make up a component are stored in one place.

  • ReactJS allows a developer to safeguard all the aspects that make up a component within a JavaScript file. React uses Data in two ways, Properties which is the way, the stored data is displayed and the other is State. State is the condition of the data while the user interacts with it. React was created by Facebook to work on those interfaces that relied on data.

React Native

  • React Native is a framework based on JSX (extension to Javascript ), ES6 based syntax , state and props.

  • React Native development does the same for every react mobile app. Facebook has applied the same principles in both the iOS and as well the Android platforms with stateful components, layout engine, virtual Dom etc.

  • The React Native developer allows the app developer to create react app for mobiles by using JSX (extension to Javascript ), ES6 based syntax. Its fundamental process is to put the UI building blocks together with the help of JavaScript and React to create react app for mobiles. The process is similar to the process that creates iOS and Android apps and the result is a feature rich mobile UI. The working behind React Native app is really not all that different from React; the principle to create React app was ‘learn once and write anywhere’ is also true for React Native Development.

What ties together React and React Native is that once the app developer learns to create an app in iOS with React Native the same can be done in Android as well. React Native development offers the developer some of the same tools that are available in ReactJS.

In a nutshell the transition between ReactJS and React Native is not difficult at all and developers have benefited from working with both.

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