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Who we are

We focus on Delivering and Delighting, Compromising Neither

We are Yaane Technologies, one of the Indian's leading bespoke software development companies. We design intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive web applications, mobile application and data analytical and cloud services that help streamline processes for businesses as well as create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses alike. We’ve been in business since 2018 and have earned trust of 50+  customers in very short period.

We have pioneered custom solutions that have become central components in our client’s business success. Our vast technology and industry expertise enables us to partner with clients to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on budget.

What we do

We build highly affordable custom software for companies large and small. By applying modern design principles, in conjunction with the latest in cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies, we create tailored solutions that connect co-workers with each other and companies with their customers, simplify and accelerate business processes, and lower costs.

Yaane offers our customers a wealth of technical and business expertise. We create diverse, complex, web and mobile solutions for any business need.

Our Mission

Having grown beyond the limits of a mobile and web development company, we defined our goals. Our mission is to help you to enhance and grow your business while overcoming technology challenges.

To deliver value to our customers through extensive research and development investments and strategic industry alliances. To achieve our vision whilst providing an enjoyable, supportive work environment to all of our employees, all of the time. To partner with all of our stakeholders – both internal and external – to deliver innovative, high quality, cost effective products and services.


Our Vision

New opportunities bring new inspiration and digital era is generous with possibilities. The accomplishments that used to take five years to achieve, now can be attained in just two years of using right digital solutions.

It is a powerful knowledge that we aim to share. Through our work, we show and spread the benefits of positive digital experience, let our clients enjoy the faster, easier and more productive way of business management and encourage the emergence of new transformative projects.

Our Competitive Advantages

Competitive advantage is the starting point of strategy. We, like our clients, are nearly obsessed with continuously developing and sustaining our competitive advantage.

  • Technical partners
    We rely to specific business needs of our clients and support them throughout the whole way: from an idea to its implementation.
  • Complexity
    Whether It is a website design or a massive digital transformation campaign, we adhere to an agile framework of task and knowledge management to ensure on-time project delivery
  • Secure and quality
    Our Senior Developers and CTO always participate in the Code Review process regardless of the project size to ensure code quality.
  • Full transparency
    We use Jira and Confluence as the main project management systems, providing our clients with the у possibility to track the development online in real time 24/7 without any hidden work and payments.
  • Easy communication and personal assistance
    Constant contact with project managers and full transparency help to quickly resolve emerging issues and make decisions.
  • Post-release support
    After the project is completed, we help develop it further and are always ready to provide assistance. We promptly respond to any questions from, and provide comprehensive support to, our customers.

What our collaboration will look like

The diagram below provides a brief overview of our engagement with clients. From the initial meeting to project delivery, we offer assistance and resources every step of the way.



It is exciting and enriching when we analyze the business needs. Helping us understand your business goals and long-term visions we work with a futuristic approach.

Strategy Marketing

Strategy Marketing

Brilliant Brains and creative marketers brainstorm to develop strategies that yield best ROI. A unique marketing strategy is our prime focus in the infancy of the project.



Developed with the futuristic approach, our solutions are kept updated with technology regularly. With our progressive mindset, we ensure your project is always in sync with the business needs.


Upgrade & Refine

Developed with the futuristic approach, our solutions are kept updated with technology regularly. With our progressive mindset, we ensure your project is always in sync with the business needs.

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Our Clients

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