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Why Mobile Apps?

Mobile Apps have played a major role by making its people’s lives easy and fast going. Almost all of the entrepreneurs from top industries in the world such as Finance and Banking, Information Technology, Healthcare, wholesale and Retail are making use of mobile apps in their businesses in order to make it smarter, faster and efficient. Yaane Technologies, the Best Mobile App Development Company in Coimbatore, are keenly focusing on designing and developing high quality mobile apps for start-ups and enterprises, thereby increasing their sales and revenue..

Every app we create is designed and developed to suit each individual client. We offer consultancy and guidance throughout the entire process from the initial idea through to launch. With protection via our mutual NDA we'll help you validate the feasibility and help structure a roadmap to bring your ideas to life.

When the users own a brand new Smart Phone, the very first thing they will probably do is installing the mobile apps which serve their purpose. Mobile apps are becoming a new way of revenue for businesses. They enhance the pace of business by increasing its online visibility, which in turn attracts more costumes to the business. Yaane Technologies is the top Mobile App Development Company in India delivering unimpeachable to start-ups and corporations out there. Mobile Apps have become so significant in every aspect of businesses. For example Travel Mobile App Development Companies , makes it easier for the users to get in planning their trips and holidays.

Communication Mobile App Development companies, enables Group chat, Audio, and Video Conference calls and so on so that people can communicate with each other from any corner of the world. Yaane Technologies, the best Mobile App Development Company in India, providing all kind of Mobile apps which are enabled with the latest technologies and features.

Our Specialties

We are the early birds when it comes to master over new features. We lead by innovation and put our best to inculcate the latest technology in the mobile apps we build. Our technical competencies include but are not limited to



React Native


What a mobile app can offer to business?

Mobile technology has changed the way people do business, as well as the consumer habits. Here’s how it helps you improve your business.

How we can help How we can help

Save Company Time

By utilising mobile apps to improve business workflows and sharing data via the cloud, real time information can be utilised to help businesses be more efficient both in the field and in the back offices.

Mobile Technology

Frontend Works

The core of any mobile application is a user-friendly and intuitive interface that guarantees smooth navigation. Our development team applies the latest technologies to provide you with a quality product that can be easily maintained and scaled. For hybrid mobile apps, HTML, CSS and JS/typescript are used to create web page structure and visual representation. If you are looking for the vendor to build iOS and Android apps, we apply programming languages suitable for this type of development works, such as Objective-C, Swift or Java.

Backend Works

Regardless of the app you want to build, our development team is always ready to analyze your project and provide the best solution in each case. If you are looking for a partner to build a cross-platform app, we analyze your requirements and choose technologies to bring your idea to life. For native mobile apps, we use the most suitable programming language that is designed for iOS or Android development (Objective-C, Swift, Java ).

Why Yaane Technologies

Our company philosophy is to always put our clients first in everything we do - we build mobile apps helps to reengage the existing customers in better way! Our apps are easy to use, stylish, visually appealing, quick loading, mobile responsive and very easy to use.

Full coverage

We know how to develop a mobile software that works and looks amazing. We build your app project from a sketch, work on visuals and design to create the perfect balance between mobile app design and development.

On-time delivery

When it comes to competition and application development for mobile, organization and time management is the key. We complete every production step ahead of a schedule.

Cost reduction

A cost-effective mobile web application is the one that runs smoothly the launch. Our development ticks all production and usability boxes, providing you with a mobile app that works, sells and saves your budget.

Seamless performance

Versatility and stability are the future of mobile application development. Every set of niche-specific tools and app features that we select, customize and integrate is guaranteed to work and advance your brand.