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Yaane Technology specialises in Custom Web Design and Development,Mobile App Development,Digital Marketing,Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Websites, Social Networking Sites, Discussion Forums, Blogs, Directory Sites and any other Web Based applications.

Sometimes you may term a visually attractive website as a good website but that is not quite true. A powerful and effective website needs to have much more than just pleasing graphics.

A website must have

  • A great and easy navigational structure with a unique customised layout.
  • It must be quick to download and easy to use.
  • Strong Content management system which results in strong and full -proof functionality.
  • Must have proper graphics and links.
  • It should convey and deliver what its visitor's are looking for
  • Must be SEO friendly and W3C validated.
  • Must be Cross - browser compatible.
  • Must have a strong presence and must achieve an impressive return to your investment.

Web Development Services

Sites, APIs, web applications, and web features

Website Development

Web Application Development

API Development

Web Features

E-Commerce Devlopment

Responsive Web Design

Our Process

We transform businesses leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, experience design and analytics

We help turning websites into
Powerfull Business Assets
Strategy & Organisation

Strategy & Organisation

Our strategy team helps you to grow your business in a digital reality that changes every day. While developing a strategy we make sure the path from ambition to realisation is well understood, clear and supported by a well aligned, focused organization.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Our team creates and design experiences that put the user first. We place digital at the centre of the business and make lives of people more fun and better. Our digital experts gaps in your digital journey and help you to bridge them. No matter how complex the challenge, we have the right technology, processes and people to manage the digital touch points efficiently.



Once the design is agreed we build the website. This involves taking the agreed design and coding it so it works across all different browsers and devices.



Once the website is ready we put it live for the end users after setting up analytic tools and necessary monitoring along with complete bug reporting systems.



We are here to support you all round the year and with all the necessary updates. We also offer SEO services where we help in making your website rank better for agreed phrases in Google. Whenever you need us as your business changes or grows we are on hand - just a call away!

Web Development Technology

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Frontend Works

Our development team creates intuitive, dynamic and most importantly user-friendly interface to ensure users can easily browse the website. On the frontend side, scripts are executed, which allows creating dynamic changes on the page, trigger API's requests as well as requests for receiving data from backend and its subsequent visualization. Markup languages, such as HTML, are used to create the page structure while CSS is applied to form web representations of the pages including color, layouts and fonts.

Backend Works

In web application development, backend is a server-side set of functions that process frontend requests and return data in a structured and coherent way. Our backend specialists deal with data security and validation, establishing a connection with the database, receiving data, changing, formatting and deleting. Business logic of your application is also stored and executed on the backend side. With extensive expertise and experience in web development, Mangosoft team is ready to perform any backend tasks.

Why Yaane Technology

Everything a web development company can offer

Multiple directions

Yaane Technology is specialized in building web projects, websites and applications for a wide range of industries: from healthcare to E-commerce. We meet the conditions dictated by your niche and introduce the web-based project that lets your brand shine.

Manual analysis

High quality web development agency never relies on the automated coding. When we work with the next generation patterns and frameworks, we discuss and analysis our work to pinpoint and remove any poorly performing elements.

End-to-end development

From a consultation to full scale coding, programming, design and web development, our agency encompasses every aspect that is necessary for turning your digital website or web project idea into an innovative tool for your business.

Superior agility

High grade web development covers more than present trends. It also cares about the future changes and challenges. The modern digital projects managed by our team are empowered with our digital foresight. They interact, learn, adapt and adjust.

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