Boost your career

Unlock new possibilites

Bring change

If you want to work with innovations, take challenges and turn them into solutions, in Yaane Technology, all of these will be your average Monday. By being a part of our company.

Move forward

Digital development never ceases progressing and neither do we. Our stuff takes regular training to upgrade their qualifications and learn about new technologies relevant to their work.

Stay confident

In addition to salary, that does your skill level justice, and paid sick leaves, you get open management sans bureaucratic complexities and full support for your employee needs.

Make Progress

At Yaane Technology, you are guaranteed an organized task system and regular salary reviews. Your professional path and career development will gain the transparency you deserve.

Embrace creativity

It is obvious to any knowledgeable expert that every task requires a different solution and approach. Our teams are open to brainstorms, new concepts and ideas that allow developing a project that meets the customer’s vision.