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Adoption of cloud computing can help you to reduce operational expenses, boost innovation, unlock new possibilities, and realize your strategic IT objectives faster, or it could just be a tool to regain your lost core business focus. No matter what your goals are, capitalizing on cloud computing is a significant IT decision one that can have far-fetching implications on your general IT strategy, future IT technology acquisitions, regulatory obligations, staffing, governance, and eventual technology-enabled business goals realization.

The premise that a single technology decision could impact so much—and that too across varied organization functions—makes the choice both critical and sometimes very difficult, especially in the rapidly emerging and continuously shifting cloud computing landscape.

Furthermore, cloud computing is a direct and obvious fit for many scenarios, including the ones that require a thorough analysis of the changes, risks, and opportunities that a compute model brings to an enterprise. This analysis is critical in the context of the client’s unique needs, technology landscape, and IT strategy, and thus requires varied, cross-cutting discipline and expertise, besides the core cloud computing specialization.

Yaane Technologies provides consulting, migration and management services for the largest public cloud platforms in the world, offering managed services for Microsoft Azure environments. We empower organizations to realize the full potential of the cloud, allowing them to leverage our expertise, tools, and experience to address their unique business requirements.

Cloud Management Services

Put our experience and strength to work for you.

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Cloud Enablement

Our experts consult with you to analyze cloud readiness, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for cloud transformation.

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Cloud Migration

Getting you to the cloud quickly, securely, and cost effectively is what UnifyCloud does. Our holistic approach to cloud migration ensures everything is covered.

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Management & Optimization

We monitor performance, swiftly prevent, detect and respond to issues and threats; always optimizing for cost and performance. Focus on your business while we focus on your cloud.

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Security & Compliance

With proprietary systems and monitoring designed for the most standards, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA and FISMA/FedRAMP, nobody is more secure.

Cloud Implementation

Yaane Technologies appreciates and understands the unique cloud computing variants that affect IT decision-making. Our cloud consulting offerings are designed to support you through your decision-making process, from exploratory evaluations to cloud strategy to solution and technology decisions. Our cloud consulting services ensure you ask all the right questions, get clinical answers upfront, and make informed cloud and IT decisions— the ones that will help you accomplish your business objectives!


Yaane Technology deems that the key to design well-planned strategies will in future employ cloud-centric mechanisms targeted at harnessing easy procurement cloud solutions merged with AWS services. With a merger of ideal procurement strategies, our cloud experts visualize creative portfolios of potent cloud technology linked with computing solutions to achieve the complete potential of powerful cloud computing.

The cloud computing faction of Yaane Technology together smart cloud computing strategy approaches that involve performance-based needs with full-fledged budget planning.


Our aim is to optimize cloud performance by mobilizing Amazon cloud to comply with diverse service offerings and envision cost-effective cloud solutions to change the way major enterprises scale their business goals. The AWS architects at Yaane Technologies render native cloud applications that are customized for enterprises by invoking multiple cloud compatibilities for enhanced cloud computing.

Our skilled talents pool customer advice techniques to seek the selection of appropriate cloud solutions as well as professional services for installation, configuration and support.


Post assembling capable strategies that will widen all the cloud possibilities, our cloud computers work together to generate a cloud-first policy that will explore your brand and provide equitable outcomes for your business. Streamline all business objectives to get the most of your cloud computing project by joining with our professional cloud forces on your enterprise venture.

The cloud computers at Yaane Technologies first commit to a cloud-first policy and then scout optimal resources to scale all business goals.

Cloud Services

Consulting for public, private, and hybrid clouds

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